How To: Create an Edie Sedgwick fashion makeup look

Create an Edie Sedgwick fashion makeup look

1. First moisturize the face. 2. Trim and cover the brows, to conceal the eyebrows. 3. Apply foundation, use Studio fix powder set foundation. 4. Use Contour with TANTON blush and the 242 on the sides of nose and the eye brows. Blend using the 217 5. Use random Lise Watier Brush for the cheeks. And blended base contour with the 217. 6. Use CARBON+ANGLE BRUSH to mark the eyebrows. 7. Use CARBON+217 to get dark contoured lids and use 282+CARBON harshly lining and winging out to enhance the eyes. 8. Use Smolder as lip liner and pat it out. Use Russian Red lip glass to create a blood-berry color. Darken with carbon. 9. Use darkest Shade of Studio tech to create depth on cheeks and use clown white to highlight on the upper cheeks and nose. 10. Use 169 contour and FORMAT Blush. This video teaches how to do a REinventing EDIE Make-up.

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