How To: Create a wearable sultry Latina makeup look

Create a wearable sultry Latina makeup look

Gwen Stefani famously said that her makeup and fashion look is a hybrid between '50s pin up and chola. While cholas get a bad rep for going a wee too crazy with the eyeliner, brow liner, and lipliner (black-rimmed lips filled in with nude lipstick? Not attractive), they do their smokey eyes well and for some, red lipstick is practically a uniform.

Watch this makeup tutorial by Lauren Luke to learn how to create a sultry yet wearable smokey eye paired with strong brows and bold cherry red lips. You could wear this pin up inspired combo to the office, even, since the colors are muted just enough that they won't cause a stir when you walk into the room.

Products used are:
Bylaurenluke eye primer both together
Bylaurenluke my smokey classics palette
cashmere cream eye shadow
twilight ash eye shadow
Benefit bad gal liner black
Benefit bad lash mascara
Estee lauder bronzer
MAC eye brow pencil stud
MAC m.a.c red lipstick

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