How To: Create a pink 1920s film noir makeup look

Create a pink 1920s film noir makeup look

In this video from Fashion Face, we are shown how to do a 1920's pink film noir makeup look that was actually requested by Courtney Love and originally created by a makeup artist for the brand Illamasqua. This is an extreme look, and there are a lot of tools and makeup involved, but it creates a really cool look, and provides some great tips.

Specific brands are named in the video, but the basic makeup you need (in addition to a set of brushes are: liquid foundation, a light eyeshadow used as an eye base, a berry-pink cream blusher, pink, purple and iridescent eyeshadow, a highlighter pencil, mascara, false eyelashes, bright pink blush, pink powder, a dark wine colored lip pencil and a dark wine colored lipstick or lip gloss.

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