How To: Create a bright and fun Japanese Harajuku makeup look

Create a bright and fun Japanese Harajuku makeup look

"Harajuku" might sound slightly familiar to you - Gwen Stefani used the word to name her "Harajuku Girls" fashion and perfume line. But other than the cutesy little Japanese dancers she had during her tour and lots of bright clothing and makeup, what is a Harajuku girl exactly?

"Harajuku" most immediately refers to the Harajuku district of Japan, where the biggest fashion trends, like Ganguro and Lolita, are born and disseminate. There are lots of different styles that are encased in the umbrella term of "Harajuku," but in general the look is extremely bold, bright, and with no real rules.

Harajuku Make-up has no boundaries of colours, face decorations, falsies, etc. Become a Harajuku girl and have some fun by checking out this makeup video.

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