How To: Do a modern revamp of a '50s pin up girl makeup look

Do a modern revamp of a '50s pin up girl makeup look

A lot of girls fear red lipstick and retro pin up girl looks for one main reason: they're simply too over the top. But skipping out on this classic and timeless makeup look means skipping out on one of the sexiest ways you can dress your face.

If full blown reds and blacks are too much for you, then try out this modern pin up look. It's 40's-50's glam with a modern twist! Pretty and sweet!

1. M.A.C. C2 Face and Body Foundation
2. Boi-ing! Concealer by Benefit
3. M.A.C. NC20 Loose Powder
4. M.A.C. Femmi Fi Eyeshadow
5. M.A.C. Jest Eyeshadow
6 M.A.C. Tilt Eyeshadow
7. M.A.C. Slip Pink Eyeshadow
9. Be Never Too Busy Too Be Beautiful Gold Glitter Pot
10. Black Waterproof Pencil Eyeliner
11. M.A.C. Liquid Last Eyeliner
12. Black Mascara
13. Be Never Too Busy Too Be Beautiful Cheek Highlighter
14. i.d. Bare Minerals Pink Blusher
15. M.A.C. Bombshell Lipstick

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