How To: Create Katy Perry's sweet makeup look from "Firework"

Create Katy Perry's sweet makeup look from "Firework"

Honestly, we think Katy Perry is pretty without any makeup on (as she says in "Teenage Dream"). The girl does know how to work a makeup brush, though, and enjoys doing pin up looks with high intensity pigmentation.

But every now and then she'll sport a very natural, shimmery makeup look that's super girly and so flattering with her pale skin tone.

One instance of this is the sweet makeup she wears for her "Firework" music video. Shimmery silver eyes with lotsa lash and glossy pastel pink lips hit just the right note - pretty but not overdone. Check out this makeup tutorial to lern how to get the look.

Here's a neutral look with a glimmer of rock chick chic inspired by Katy Perry's makeup in her upcoming music video for Firework.

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