How To: Create a modern pin up girl makeup look

Create a modern pin up girl makeup look

Like the classic pin up look but tired of the fact that it's done the same way, with the same colors but just about everyone? Toss your beige eyeshadows and red lipstick tubes (not into the trash, but back into your makeup bag!) and try out some more modern colors for this look.

Using neon yellow, shimmery white, and a gorgeous mauvy lipstick, MommaGee of Makeup by MommaGee has completely revamped the nude eyes and bold lips look to look appropriate even at the office. Watch this video to see how to get the look.

-Bitch Slap's Brunette Brow Quad
-MAC Fix+
-The Body Shop's Matte Face Primer
-10 Concealer Palette
-Bitch Slap's Matte Honey Oil Free Pressed Powder
-Bitch Slap's Lite Concealer
-That's Money Bitch Palette by Kathy
-Ain't That a Bitch Palette by Delilah
-Washed Out Bitch Palette
-NYC Pearlized Black Liquid Liner
-NYX Milk Jumbo Pencil
-Covergirl LashBlast Length Mascara
-Bitch Slap's #101 Lashes
-Bitch Slap Zebra Bronzer
-NYX Plush Red Lip Liner
-Bitch Slaps Livewire Lipgloss

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