How To: Do Beyoncé's runny "Why Don't You Love Me?" eye look

Do Beyoncé's runny "Why Don't You Love Me?" eye look

In her music video for "Why Don't You Love Me?" Beyoncé plays a stereotypical '50s housewife dressed up in hourglass shaped skirts and dresses. While the bootylicious diva looks pretty and dainty, she also hates the life she's living. That's why, in one scene, she calls her lover in tears, her dark gray smokey eye makeup running down her cheeks while she smokes a cigarette.

While the look is supposed to show a burned out Beyonce who's beyond her wit that she does so much for her man yet he still doesn't have any feelings for her, Beyonce manages to look like a sexy goddess, albiet in stress. Watch this makeup tutorial by Petrilude to learn how to get her sassy trashy look.

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