How To: Get Kim Kardashian's gray smokey eyes

Get Kim Kardashian's gray smokey eyes

Kim Kardashian really doesn't need to wear all the makeup she does. As we've all seen through tabloids, Kim even looks glamorous sans makeup and just getting a pedicure at a cheap salon. But when Kim wears makeup she's smokin' hot.

Watch ths tutorial to see how to create Kim's favorite eye look: Extremely dark smokey eyes. This particular variation consists of deep matte grays, shimmery silvers, and lots of kohl liner.

Here are the products I used:


MUFE- HD Foundation Primer
MUFE- HD Foundation
MAC- Studio Fix
MAC- Margin Blush
TooFaced- Pearl Necklace(highlight)


MAC-Naked Pigment
MAC- Contrast
MAC- Feline
MAC- Paint (Bare Canvas)
NYC- 974A Lashes/Duo glue


MAC- Amplified Lipstick (Blankety)

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