How To: Get Kim Kardashian's glowing skin and shimmery eyes

Get Kim Kardashian's glowing skin and shimmery eyes

More than her bootylicious derriere, Kim Kardashian is famous for her luminous, bronzy skin that smiles for the cameras and is the perfect accessory for any outfit.

Kardashian's favorite makeup trick is to play up her skin with complementing shimmering eyes, cheeks, and glossy lips, a tip all of us can learn from for similarly glowing results.

Watch this video to snag Kardashian's glowing skin and golden eyes. The secret to Kardashian's bronzy look is lots of layering and strategic application of bronzer and highlighter, so be sure to cake these products on.

Chanel Vitalumiere 40
MAC GoldMode pigment
MAC Reflects Gold Pigment
Guerlain Gold pencil
MAC Moisture Cover concealer
MAC Peach Colour Corrector
Laura Mercier Ash Blond eyebrow powder
MAC Sincere Blush
MAC Pinch o' Peach Blush
Chanel Bronze Universel
Clinique Gel liner
MAC Sublime Culture lip pencil
MAC Stone Lip pencil
MAC Angel lipstick
Clarins Perfect Light lipgloss
Girls Aloud Nicola eyelsahes

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