How To: Look like Kim Kardashian with cheaper makeup products

Look like Kim Kardashian with cheaper makeup products

Get instructions on recreating Kim Kardashian's makeup look with cheaper products.
First, use a short angled brush to fill in the brow with a shadow that is slightly lighter than the brow.
To fill in anymore spots in the brow, use a brown eyebrow pencil.
For unruly eyebrows, brow gel that is similar to a hair gel for eyebrows can be used.
Before applying eye shadow, spread a primer over the lid.
Use a flat stiff brush and pack a light silver color shadow all over the lid, sweeping some shadow up over the tear duct area.
Use a medium copper brown color to sweep over the outer half of the eyelid, not going past the halfway mark.
Dip the tip of the brush in dark brown shadow and draw a line all the way over the crease of the eye lid, then sweep this line up.
Blend with a fluffy dull brush to blend all over and soften edges.
Use a shadow close to skin tone and blend with the fluffy brush under the brow.
Use light silver shadow with the flat brush to pack on lid to freshen the look.
Use a small rounded brush to apply a shimmery white color above and below the tear duct and blend.
Apply a warm brown with a small dome brush underneath the bottom lash line.
Apply eyeliner pencil above the top lash line, getting thicker along the outer edge.
Apply false eyelashes with adhesive.
Use darker bronzer along the lines above the jaw line and beneath the cheekbone.
Use an angled blush brush to apply a matte blush on the apples of the cheek and blend with bronzer.
Use a creme color base with a little shimmer to dab on the top of the cheekbone.
Apply pale pink lipliner and pale beige lipstick to lighten lips.
Use a shimmery light pink gloss to coat lips.

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