How To: Get Kim Kardashian's everyday makeup look

Get Kim Kardashian's everyday makeup look

Kim Kardashian's star just keeps on rising, and that is largely due to her beauty. In this tutorial, learn how to create the same look that Kim wears most often on yourself! If you are inspired by Kim's glamour and want an everyday red carpet ready look, this is the style for you!
Follow along with this step by step video and gets lots of useful tips and advice on how to achieve a Kim Kardashian makeup design.

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So, I just stumbled upon this tutorial because I wanted to find out how to properly do a "Kardashian natural eye makeup look". I am so glad I did, omg you are so cute and funny and I absolutely love this video. I rarely watch makeup tutorial videos, I prefer reading the steps and looking at photos. I love this video, can't wait to watch more! You are beautiful! Way prettier than Kim K or Lady Gaga IMO. Very natural beauty and adorable I love it!


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