How To: Create a fabulous purple pageant drag look

Create a fabulous purple pageant drag look

In this video, we learn how to create a fabulous purple pageant drag look. First, you will need to paint a white cream shadow underneath the eyebrow. Next, paint a dark purple cream on the crease of the eye and use a brush to fan it out onto the entire eyelid up to the white shadow. Next, paint a purple eyeshadow all of the brow and use a Q-Tip to clean up and mistakes along the way. Next, you will continue to add colors until they are filled in and bright. Now, you will need to have a silver glitter and a purple glitter ready to paint on. Brush on a clear primer to the eye, then quickly place on the light glitter to the inner corner of the eye and the purple to the middle and outer. Finish this look off with fake lashes and eyeliner and enjoy the unique look!

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