How To: Create an evil spider queen makeup look for Halloween

Create an evil spider queen makeup look for Halloween

If you're a girl planning to dress up as any evil or dark character, like a spiderella, witch, Goth chick, vampiress, or dominatrix, then you should check out this makeup tutorial for a deliciously pretty Halloween makeup look that suits all evil chick costumes.

Purple and black shadow is swooped high on the eye, extending out to spiderweb eyebrows, while a chrome finish purple lipstick makes your puckers just as threatening.

Products used:
H.I.P. creme liner in black
Kryolan aquacolor in purple
MUFE mat purple E/S in 92
Glamour Doll Eyes E/S in Glam girl (eyes and on lips)
MAC E/S in carbon (wet and dry)
Limecrime E/S in mirror mirror
MAC E/S in scene
MUFE E/S in Mat Red
Black eyeliner
Illamasqua Lipgloss in fierce

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