Apply Alice in Wonderland: Mad Hatter makeup

Mad Hatter makeup

This tutorial suits for Halloween occasions, featuring Glamour Doll Eyes, which is a perfect colors for the Mad Hatter. The shadows used in this tutorial are Cloud Coverage, Shaded Orchid, Love Spell and P inky Swear. Cotton balls are used for eyebrows and eyelash glue is used for the eyebrows, to? remove it just pulled it off, you can take a cotton ball with makeup remover on it and hold it against the brow which should help loosen the glue. Other products used are Fluorescent Colored Hairspray for hair, NYX Milk, Pencil, Revlon Lipstick is Smooth Suede, 88 Matte Palette, Merton Basic, Palette, May be line XXL Volume and Length Micro-Fiber Mascara.
Everything used in this video is affordable products, which is definitely money saving.

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