How To: Have a luxurious glamourous look, for an older woman

Have a luxurious glamourous look, for an older woman

In this video, we learn how to get a classy rich makeup look with Shar Connolly. You will first do your foundation, using a brush to make a matte look on your face. Use a concealer under the eyes to cover and dark circles. Next, grab a coffee eye pencil and eye line your upper and lower lids. When finished, color your entire lid with the same pencil, making the line darker on the top of the lid. Now, use a brush to mix in the color all over and give it a smudged look. Next, pat a light eyeshadow all over your lid to give it a light shimmer. You can now apply your favorite mascara and curl your eyelashes. Last, use a bright red lipstick to color your lips and use a lip liner to make sure all lines are filled in. This look will be perfect for a glamorous older woman!

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