How To: Do a quick easy everyday look, for an older woman

Do a quick easy everyday look, for an older woman

This video is a makeup tutorial by Image Consultant Sharon Connolly, showing us how to look younger and more polished in just five minutes a day.

First, line your eyes using liquid eyeliner. Rest your knuckle on your cheek for better control, keep your eyes open, and try to get it done in no more than two strokes.

Next brush a wine colored eyeshadow onto the eyelids. Then on the outside corner of the eye, apply a light blue shadow over the wine shadow. This combination creates a nice look and gives a little more definition to the lashes. Using the same color on a smaller brush, apply it directly underneath the bottom lashes. Now take a white eyeliner pencil and apply it on the bottom lid above the lashes. Use a gray liner pencil just in the inner corner of the top and bottom lid. Then brush a pink shade of eyeshadow in the crease above the eyelid.

Apply black mascara to the lashes, using a zigzag motion. Highlight the cheekbones with pink blush; and finally, line the lips with a liner pencil, fill in with a lipstick brush and blend.

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