How To: Create a luminous evening makeup look for mature gals

Create a luminous evening makeup look for mature gals

Any good makeup artist will tell you both that good makeup starts with good skin and mature/older women look much more radiant with less thick foundation and eye shimmer.

Take these important makeup tips to heart while still creating a sexy nighttime look by watching this tutorial for evening makeup for mature ladies. Using luminous, light foundation and sheer lavender shadows, you'll create a look that's timelessly beautiful.

MAC painterley
MAC Brule, Haux & Sketch e/s
MAC Omega Brows
MAC Peach color corrector
MUFE Smokey lash mascara
Chanel Vitalumiere
Chanel Loose powder
Chanel Bronze Universel
MUFE HD blush 5
MUFE Aqua Lip pencil in 5C
Beaute Weightless lip creme in Girlina

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