How To: Get an elf fantasy look

Get an elf fantasy look

This video demonstrates how to create a fancy elf look using simple makeup techniques. This look is complimented by a pair of elf ears that can be purchased on the web. To get this look you should colors that are inspired by nature such as deep purples and greens. To create the design, use paper coasters that will provide the stencil for your look. First, lightly apply moss green eyeshadow pencil as a base on the cheek bone, on the temple, and above the eyebrow. Use your finger to blend the pencil, but make sure to allow the contour to stay visible. Do this on both sides of your face. Cut the center out of the paper coaster so the stencil will fit on your face. Then cut off one third of fourth of the remaining stencil so a letter C shape is remaining. Fit it over your eye so it covers the cheekbone, temple, and above the brow. Using a nature inspired eyeshadow, brush the shadow onto the paper while your are holding it firmly in place on your face. Work the powder over every stencil and along the edge of the coaster too. Blend out the edges and continue to fill add more shadow using the same color until you reach your hairline. Do this same technique on the other side. Repeat this same technique in a U shape on your forehead. Using a bright pink shadow, add color to your entire forehead. Next drawing a thin line down the center of your nose using an deep purple eyeshadow pencil. Use the same moss green eyeshadow pencil to color your eyelids. Using a green shadow, create a smokey winged look on each lid, blending the sides for a more dramatic look. To fix the look, apply a fixing gel to the eyelids. To create a little more glamourous look, add cosmetic glitter on the inner corners of the upper eyelid. To finish your eyes, use eyeliner to enhance your winged eyes and add mascara. Place purple eyeshadow pencil on your lips and top with gloss. You now have a completed elf look and are ready to attend your fantasy fair.

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