How To: Create a modern geisha makeup look for Halloween

Create a modern geisha makeup look for Halloween

Geishas were high class courtesans who mixed business with pleasure - or, rather, whose business was pleasure. And seduction was an art to them, down to the very makeup they wore.

Red pursed lips, thickly painted white makeup with a sliver of skin left bare at the nape of the neck, and bold brows made them look almost doll-like. If you're planning to dress up as a geisha for Halloween, check out this makeup video to get the how-to for a modern version.

Products used:

Full coverage Foundation (Vanilla 01) by Synergen / Deckendes Make-up (Vanilla 01) von Synergen

Hide the Blemish Concealer von Rimmel London

Mineral Make-up (Rose Ivory 02) von Maybelline

Baby Powder by Penaten / Baby Puder von Penaten

Kohl Kajal (Black) von Maybelline

Eyeshadow (black) by Rimmel London / Lidschatten (Black) von Rimmel London

White Eyeshadow (40 Palette) / Weißer Lidschatten (40er Palette)
Pink Eyeshadow (40 Palette / Pinker Lidschatten (40er Palette)

Pink Lipstick (#00018) by Mark wins / Pinker Lippenstift (#00018) von Mark wins

XXL Curl Power Mascara von Maybelline

Kohl Kajal (White) von Essence

Black Cream Cake Makeup by Funny Face / Schwarze Kompaktschminke von Funny Face

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