How To: Create an exotic Bollywood/Arabic makeup look

Create an exotic Bollywood/Arabic makeup look

Ever since "Slumdog Millionaire," Bollywood has taken up space as its own niche in Hollywood films, and continues to grow in popularity as fans visit the films for their splendor, magnificently decadent production, and dresses and makeup that make the women look like walking gods.

So if you want to look like a goddess, then look no further than Bollywood-inspired makeup. Rather than spice up the eyes with your usual smokey eye look, Bollywood actresses line their waterline and upper lid with a deep onyx kohl, then go over it with a bright shadow for added pop. And while most of us cower out of bright lips and opt for nude/pink ones instead, Bollywood actresses aren't ashamed to go for the bold, smearing on luscious lipsticks in bright pink, orange, and red. Watch this video to learn how to get this magnificent look.

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