How To: Do a bold eye makeup look inspired by "Toy Story 3"

Do a bold eye makeup look inspired by "Toy Story 3"

It's pretty common to get a YouTube makeup tutorial inspired by a character from a movie, but to get one inspired by the movie itself?

In this makeup tutorial, you'll learn how to do a pretty and bold eye makeup look inspired by the colors of the new Pixar/Disney movie "Toy Story 3." Using intensely pigmented grape purple, lime green, and sea blue, you'll assimulate all the main colors of Buzz, Woody, and the three-eyed aliens.

Products Used:
Stillglamorus Eyeshadow Base
120 Eyeshadow Palette from Celia Makeup
Glamourdolleyes Eyeshadow in Immature
L'Oreal Voluminious Mascara in Carbon Black
Ardell 105 Fake Eyelashes

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