How To: Create a bold turquoise and black eye makeup look

Create a bold turquoise and black eye makeup look

Sometimes it's liberating to ditch the neutrals for a day and truly dress to impress - or, in this case, shock. Create an eye-opening look by checking out this makeup tutorial.

You'll learn how to apply a very bold turquoise and matte black eye makeup look that'll surely make you the center of attention no matter where you're at.

Urban Decay primer potion - Sin
Kryolan Aqua cream liner
MAC indigo pencil
QOB Ocean eyeshadow trio
Sugarpill Darling, Stella, and Weekender loose eyeshadows
Urban Decay ABC Gum eyeshadow
Ardell 113 lashes

OCC cha cha and Trick liptars
MAC Sugarrimed dazzleglass

MAC peach twist

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