How To: Create a bold green Sour Skittles makeup look

Create a bold green Sour Skittles makeup look

We all love our go-to neutral makeup colors: they're the basis of our makeup collection and, like an LBD, look good no matter how bloated we feel - and look - and no matter what the occasion. But as Cyndi Lauper famously said in her song, sometimes "girls just wanna have fun."

If just the thought of applying that taupe Covergirl eyeshadow is making you groan with boredom, then try to switch things up by adding some color. In this makeup tutorial by xsparkage, you'll learn how to apply a bright green eye look inspired by Sour Skittles. Loads of color, lashes, and black liner will make your peepers look like they're throwing their own party.

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