How To: Apply Megan Fox inspired make up

Apply Megan Fox inspired make up

To apply a Megan Fox-inspired makeup is very simple if you work on the steps which is as follows. First, use a 'Maybelline' Quad in 'Chai' Latte and use the lid color and put into the crease of your eyelid (use a color slightly deeper than your natural skin color). Next, use the brow color in the quad and apply to your eye brows. Next, use Sally Girl eyeshadow in Champagne and apply to eyelid and near the tear duct. Take the lid color from the quad and apply under the lower lash line. Use E.L.F. eyeshadow in Dusk and apply to upper lash line and outside of lower lash line and extend for 'cat eye'. Fill in from the upper lash line to the 'cat eye' with the black eyeshadow. Use an NYC liquid eyeliner and apply over upper lash eyeshadow and use an eyeshadow which is close to your hair color from the 'Maybelline' Quad and an angled brush to define eyebrows starting from the inside. Apply 'L'Oreal' Carbon Black Voluminous mascara to upper and lower lashes, then Trim E.L.F. Dramatic Fake Eyelashes to fit your eye shape. Apply face bronzer to where the sun would normally hit you. Next, apply a pink blush with a blush brush and move up the cheek bone. Now take highlighting cream and apply lightly to nose and cheekbones. Always use the natural colors. If you follow the steps in this video you could do your make up by our own and could even shine like Megan Fox.

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