How To: Get Quinn from Glee's hair and makeup look

Get Quinn from Glee's hair and makeup look

Quinn is the most popular girl in school on Fox's hit "Glee". Check out this tutorial and learn how to perfect Quinn's fresh "girl next door" look.

This video from Erin Allison will show you everything you need to know about looking like Quinn Fabray. You will get a step by step on makeup, hair and even which adorable outfits to pick. So, if you are a "Glee" fan, and are looking to capture that mom-to-be Cheerio glow, follow along and get started!

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thank u sooo much for doing a quinn inspired look I LOVE QUINN!!!!!!! <3 my sisters say my hair is like hers so i have been trying to mast this look thanks again!!!! can u do more quinn inspired looks i love them!!!!!

great video! You look SO much like Bonnie Wright :)

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