How To: Create Beyonce's retro '70s makeup look from "Dreamgirls"

Create Beyonce's retro '70s makeup look from "Dreamgirls"

Beyonce honestly looks drop dead gorgeous with or without makeup, but she looks just about heavenly when she puts her best face forward for a movie or red carpet premiere. In the movie "Dreamgirls" Beyonce got to have a lot of fun with sparkly, deeply hued '70s makeup.

To learn how to get her deep plum look from the film, take a gander at this makeup tutorial. A deep burgundy lip, graphic matte black eyes, and contoured cheeks make this look as beautiful on the streets as in Hollywood cinema.

Revlon Colorstay
Sleek Storm Palette
Chanel Bronze universel/ Soleil de tan
MAC Belightful
MAC Current
Chanel Lipstick

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