How To: Create an edgy rocker gunmetal gray eye makeup look

Create an edgy rocker gunmetal gray eye makeup look

Just in case you've been living under a rock (AKA without internet) for the past couple of days, here's a quick update: "Gossip Girl" star Taylor Momsen has officially become the new face of Madonna and her daughter Lourdes' new fashion line, Material Girl.

Momsen, who dresses like a wannabe Courtney Love, has said she has no desire to be a role model, and drops more f bombs than even Megan Fox, may not be the cleanest choice Madonna could have made for the line, but she certainly has edge. While not everyone's a fan, her sooty gray and black rocker eyes and dark lips are pretty sexy. Watch this tutorial to learn how to recreate her look.

Products Used:
Urban Decay Naked Palette

Eve Pearl- Diamond Eyes Palette

Miss Adoro Lashes

MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural

Forever 21 Blush- Pink

Urban Decay Naked Lip Junkie Gloss

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