How To: Apply a Lancome-inspired purple makeup look for Fall 2010

Apply a Lancome-inspired purple makeup look for Fall 2010

This makeup look is full or purples inspired by a Lancome pictorial for the Fall of 2010. If you want to go for sultry look with tons of purples, then this is the look for you, perfect for the autumn months. Marina Filipovic Marinshe shows you the steps to applying this look. Follow along with this Croatian beauty!

Products used:

01. Coastal Scents Brushes
02. Urban Decay Delux Eyeshadow Palette - Eyeshadow "Fishnet"
03. Catrice Lipstick - Rouge Satin 120 Nude Beige
04. Coastal Scents 78 Eyeshadow Palette
05. Catrice Clear Gloss
06. Revlon Colorstay Foundation - 150 Buff
07. Essence Foundation Clear&Matt used as a lip base
08. Catrice Lash Sensation Black Mascara
09. Catrice Black Eyeliner Pencil
10. Coastal Scents Ultra Shimmery 88 Palette

Barry M Nail Paint - Red Glitter
Nail Color: Essence Glam Girl 29
Barry M Base & Top Coat

This tutorial was also featured in the Croatian makeup webmag Sminkerica.

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