How To: Create anime eyes with makeup

Create anime eyes with makeup

Michelle Phan brings you this fun tutorial on creating anime eye makeup. For those who desire to look like an anime character. Great for halloween, or just a cute anime look.


"Redemption Song"

Waiting In Vain

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nice.. love it! i goin 2 try it soon.

WOW!!! These are GORGEOUS - love it!


I wish I had makeup D:

that is such a cute look. It seems uncomfortable, but I really want to try it. Excellent detailed instructions! Thank you so much for this tutorial <3

very beautiful look!

You're really beautiful and oh so cute. Add the animake-up (new word) to THOSE eyes and you're a heartbraker.
*sighs in melancholy as he returns to work on doomsday device..*

edit- Heartbreaker..... though heartbrAker falls in the same category I suppose.

Wow, one of the best tutorials I have seen. Seems to me you have done this many times before. Good job.

ur look soo good i might try this out sometime

u know your not meant to appy mascara to fake eyelashes as it weakens the glue, makes the fake eyelashes look clumpy and makes the eyelashes so heavy that they dont last + when applying the glue your maent to with a brush so u dont put too much glue on which can then stick to your real lashes making you unable to open your eye.

yeah I think you right. I don't use any make up but I know how to put it on someone. and I fully know what your getting at.

Saved your video for a friend of mine. She's gonna love this!

Girl you look amazing, you dont need any makeup, you're naturally beautiful

You're such a beautiful girl and you did a wonderful job with your presentation and explanation. The result is gorgeous. I also love the music in the video. Very well done.

I love this look !that was so creative !cant w8 2 try it!

yeah you look nice and all, but as I don't where any make up you might want to do a couple more video's to show people how to put on more and different stuff. then people will know you as a make-up queen !

Wow....o.o been looking all over for these types of how to domakeup things...YESSS CDthis is the most bestest actually better way in doing this .o. I'm still pretty scared about applying makeup on your water line it's worth it :D I'm so gonna do this for a next cosolay!!!:)

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