How To: Do a MAC Hello Kitty eye makeup look

Do a MAC Hello Kitty eye makeup look

Lauren, AKA QueenofBlendingMUA has joined the ranks with the other YouTube makeup gurus. Lauren is a makeup artist with a large collection of eye makeup video tutorials. Her eye makeup look span from everyday makeup to creative, more expressive party looks. Check out this makeup tutorial video to learn how to do a MAC Hello Kitty eye makeup look. Search QueenofBlendingMUA on WonderHowTo for more beauty videos.

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You are too cute. Your execution of applying eye shadow is nothing short of phenomenal! Queen of Blending, certainly fits you. I'm not a makeup artist, but as a visual artist, I can really appreciate your talents in blending, which is one of my strong points too.

It's a shame that we're on opposing coasts, because I'd love to go to those events with you. You seem really cool and sweet. :)

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