How To: Create a long-lasting sexy makeup look for clubbing

Create a long-lasting sexy makeup look for clubbing

Dolling yourself up for a night out on the town clubbing is probably also half the fun of the whole clubbing experience: doing the big hair to make us look like goddesses, donning the impossibly long false eyelashes, slipping on that sexy dress from Bebe, and sticking our tooties into leg lengthening pumps is just as much of a delight as dancing the night away.

But we all know what inevitably happens: we look great at the beginning of the night, but two hours in to dancing we're looking more Courtney Love than Camilla Belle. Makeup travels nowhere but south, ladies, so if you want to your pretty face to last through that next dance then watch this tutorial. You'll be guided through how to create a sexy hot makeup look with smokey eyes that won't melt off.

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