How To: Create a sparkly silver Ice Queen makeup look

Create a sparkly silver Ice Queen makeup look

What happened to those carefree days in our childhood when we didn't care how we looked and slapped on our mother's makeup, completely out of the lines, drawing and doodling on our face just because it was fun? These days, putting on makeup is all about making impressions. Going to the office? Slap on some neutral, non-intimindating shadow and pretty but not too sexy lipstick. Going to the club? Go a bit smokier with the eyes to try outdo all the other girls there and get the guy.

How we put on makeup is too entangled in ritualized social customs these days, so try to loosen up every once in a while and learn how to have fun with your makeup! Watch this tutorial for a fun Snow Queen look that's great for dress up or for Halloween.

Gel Liner in Turquoise
HIP Duo Showy
MAC Meet the Fleet
Wet N' Wild Color Icon Palette Pride
Mehron Basic Paradise Palette
MAC Feline Eye Kohl
Beautylicious Lipgloss Crystal Candy

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