A Primer on Vintage Makeup: History You Can Hold, Smell and Touch

History You Can Hold, Smell and Touch

Lisa Eldridge is one of the most preeminent makeup artists in the fashion editorial space today, working with nearly every A-list female in Hollywood. Her blog is full of interesting tutorials and articles, and Eldridge recently posted a fascinating interview with Madeleine Marsh, historian and author of Compacts and Cosmetics: Beauty from Victorian Times to the Present Day.

Watch as Marsh guides Eldridge through an impressive collection of cosmetics from the Victorian era through the '70s. Her cabinet of cosmetic curiosities has some fantastic relics, so stay tuned for: a miniscule shaver from the '20s for ridding body hair on the go, lipstick concealed in the handle of a '30s hairbrush, a '40s compact in the shape of an army G.I. cap, and more.

Part I & Part II in the gallery below; Skip ahead to 2:22 for the actual beginning of the interview. Scroll further down for Eldrige's own tutorial on creating the classic vintage Pin Up look. 

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