News: Glue eyelids for a Western look

Glue eyelids for a Western look

This video is a graphic illustration of the bizarre beauty practice of gluing one's eyelids. The goal is to make Asian eyes look more Western. The glue adds a crease to a monolid, making it a double eyelid.

Mary, or Mulzanza on her blog, is a 21 year old Texan devoted to helping small creased and monolid Asian girls do their eye makeup. She's a pro.

The process of applying a thin layer of glue to one's eyelids takes up to 30 minutes. Daily.

Gluing is not the only way to crease a monolid. Some alternatives suggested using medical tape or blepharoplasty, surgically creating a crease.

In Asia, blepharoplasty is rapidly becoming the most popular cosmetic surgery. Only nose or breast surgeries are more popular, according to Laura Miller, an associate professor of anthropology at Loyola University in Chicago.

Doctors caution against habitual gluing. Side effects include eyelid drooping, itching, and other topical allergic reactions.

Glue eyelids

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As a guy, that doen't really know much about the womans world of cosmetics.. THIS is amazing... :)

get a new pic ure gross

wow...what a cutie pie.

Its just amazing how different the same face can look!

I'm a dude too, and I had no idea that anyone did anything like this. You're waaaaay to confident poking around your eye with a stick. lol I was clenching my teeth watching this. You look really cute either way!

To me she looks like she goes from Asian to Mexican. Man, not good having pointy things that close to your eye.

Poor girl, I hope she finds more interesting things in life soon, and stop torture herself mentally.

i was initially a bit disturbed, but on second thought it seems like this is one of many ways women augment their bodies in reckless/health hazardous vanity

love u eye the way they are god!

I've heard of girls glueing their eyelids and sometimes getting surgery, but since I already have a eyelid crease I never really understood the point. This video shows what a dramatic difference it makes. It's very cool, and informative, but don't forget how beautiful you are natuarally.

i agree with u

she is too cute and need nothing done to her eyes..

i thing she just needs 2ecsaped the way shelooks

some people need to go back to school and learn how to write!

you still look asian. unfolding your eyes won't give you a western look, it will just give you an excuse for being mentally retarded. Why the hell would you glue them also? this is absolute stupidity that i wouldn't expect from someone of your age

why would u du this??????


damn i didnt know u could create eye lids well u did a great job amazed!ur very pretty:)

what happens if one comes unglued in the middle of the day O.o?

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