How To: Wear the Neon Makeup Trend

Wear the Neon Makeup Trend

Everybody, let's Wang Chung tonight! The 80's are back. This video shows you how to wear 80's bright neon makeup today and gives you some tricks so you don't look like you are stuck in the 80's

Step 1: Choose the Proper Colors

Avoid pink as it can make you look tired. Skin with yellow undertones looks good with blue and ultraviolet. If you have an olive skin tone, try using neon yellow, acid green and day-glo orange.

Step 2: Do Your Face Makeup First

Step 3: Apply Shadow

Use a gold colored shadow and apply over entire eye area.

Step 4: Apply Neon Liner

Swipe neon liner along top lash line and smudge a bit. Apply to lower lash line too.

Step 5: Add Mascara

Finish with a good mascara for a pop.

Step 6: Top Off the Look with Lipstick

For a night out, use a bright neon pink lipstick. You can stick with nude too if the neon is too much. Tip: Ultraviolet lip colors with temper pink lipstick.

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