How To: Use Your Mascara as an Eyeliner

Use Your Mascara as an Eyeliner

Mascara application for me is not only for the eye lashes, but also for the water line and eye lids. Through the different techniques I tried, I can certainly and undoubtedly say that it works like a charm and is truly two-in-one.

The only thing I applied to my eye was just mascara. No tight lining, no eye liners and everything. It looked defined, just as how one would apply eyeliner on the lids to create a perfect definition. This is a proof that everything can be achieved in a just a simple step. Imagine, no more eyeliners, cotton buds if ever you made a mistake or worst, repeating the whole lining process all over again.

The trick is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Start applying mascara on the roots up to the mid-part of the lashes to create an illusion of lined eyes. Just do the shake-y wand effect or just brush the product side-to-side or to be more exact, the left-right motion.
  1. With a light hand, apply mascara starting from the mid-part up to the tip of the lashes to add length.
  1. Comb out your eyelashes to separate and even out the applied product.

To visually understand everything, watch my tutorial!

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