How To: Use the Myrabelle mascara shield to apply mascara

Use the Myrabelle mascara shield to apply mascara

If you've ever applied mascara, you know how deceptively easy the wand is to use: while it's generally easy to give your lashes a good coating of inky mascara goodness, it also becomes far too easy to get the mascara on your upper lids (and onto that eyeshadow you so painstakingly applid!).

Usually this means taking out a cotton swab and makeup remover, going over the areas where the mascara made its mark, and then going over that with a fresh coat of eyeshadow. Phew, no wonder girls take so long to get ready! If you want to apply mascara without needing to worry about getting it on your eyeshadow, watch this tutorial on how to use the Myrabelle mascara shield to prevent smudging.

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