How To: Use makeup for a dark-eyed androgynous look

Use makeup for a dark-eyed androgynous look

This video will show you how to have an androgynous high fashion look. Use dark blue eyeshadow as base extending to your lower lids. Use dark plumage (Mac) or any dark shade (purple or blue) over the base color. Use an eyeliner for the lids and lower lash line and put some matte black eyeshadow on top of it. Apply an eyeshadow, same color as your face, for the highlights. Use an eye brow pencil for the brows and black carbon eyeshadow on the base of your brows. Use brush to blend and apply clear mascara to set your brows. Apply concealer on top of your brows and blend it in. Apply mascara to your lashes then blush for the contours of your cheeks. Use the same concealer for the lips and a little bit of nude lip gloss to complete the look. This is a perfect look for going out or clubbing and creates a high fashion androgynous look.

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