How To: Use Honey for Acne and Skin Treatment

Use Honey for Acne and Skin Treatment

its a natural approch for your acne and skin promblems
because honey is a strong antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antioxidant ,its a best homeremedy
it acts as a antiseptic (great for external use on acne, scars, wounds)

they are many types of honey available use raw honey for best result,acne is mostly caused by bacteria called Propionibacterium acnes and we also know that honey has strong antibacterial properties

and it is used for skin burns,tooth ace etc,Use a honey mask 2 times a week
Steps to apply honey on your face

Step 1: Take Honey in a Small Bowl

Step 2: Before Applying Honey on Your Face Test It on Small Area as Some People Are Allergic to Honey Bees

Step 3: Before Applying Any Facial Mask Clean Your Face and Neck with Fresh Water. Take Off All Cosmetics, Creams, Lotions

Step 4: Apply the Honey to Your Face, Paying Particular Attention to Acne-Affected Areas.

Step 5: Allow the Honey to Sit on Your Face

Step 6: When You Have Applied the Honey Mask Just Lie Down and Relax Yourself and Put 2 Cucumber Round Slices on Your Eyes

Step 7: You Can Keep the Honey Mask as Long as Possible as It Doesnt Effect Your Skin

Step 8: Then Take a Warm Cloth and Wipe Your Face

Step 9: Rinse Your Face with Warm Water


you can apply it on just affected area

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