How To: Use gel eyeliner

Use gel eyeliner

This is a video about gel eyeliner and how to apply it. Most of it comes in a glass jar and looks like a thick cream. You can get it in different colors and in many different brands. MAC makes some and Bobby Brown makes them also. Sometimes you can find some on eBay and they really are not expensive at all. They tend to dry out quickly and once they start getting dry it will start skipping on your eye and won't coat evenly. Not all of them are equally as opaque. Black colors show up very opaque but lighter colors are harder to cover, which is why it might be better to use those colors as a shadow base. With these gel liners you should use brushes and it really helps to use one that is pointed. It gives you a lot of control and makes a really nice point. You should get a few different sizes. Just get a little bit onto the brush and make a trail on the eye.

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