How To: Use Bronzer to Make Your Face Look Thinner

Use Bronzer to Make Your Face Look Thinner

You don't have to diet to get a sculpted face. In this video, we show you how to make your face appear thinner in no time with bronzer. 

Step 1 Bronzer

With a fluffy brush, apply bronzer to the hollow of your cheekbones. To find the perfect hollow spot, make a kissy face and apply carrying the product in a C pattern to your forehead. Next run the brush along your jawline. Use a smaller brush to apply to both sides of your nose and blend well. Only go two shades darker than your skin tone with your bronzer.

Example: CoverGirl's Cheekers

Step 2 Blush

Sweep blush along your cheekbone towards your ear.

Example: CoverGirl's Cheeker's Blush

Step 3 Eyeshadow

Use neutral eye shadow with a bit of shimmer as a highlighter. Sweep just above your cheekbone, on brow bone and nose bridge.

Example: CoverGirl Eye Enhancers 1 Kit shadow

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