How To: Steal Amy Lee's (of Evanescence) vampy smoky makeup

Steal Amy Lee's (of Evanescence) vampy smoky makeup

To get the smoky vampy look, inspired by Amy Lee of Evanescence, follow these instructions:

1. Wash, moisturize face, and apply primer/foundation/concealer as you normally would.
2. Apply contouring blush under the cheekbone and blend back into the hairline.
3. Apply a highlighter along the top of the cheekbone.
4. Apply a purple eyeshadow across the entire eyelid and extend color beyond outer eye, up toward the brow bone. Use a brush to blend color out to outer tip of eyebrow.
5. Apply black eyeshadow along outer corner of eye.
6. Use a a wet eyeliner brush to apply black shadow along the lower lash line
7. Apply dark shadow to outer corner of eye and blend along lower lash line.
8. Blend a light shadow to inner corner of eye for a subtle highlight.
9. Apply black eyeliner along upper and lower waterlines, and along upper lash line.
10. Apply mascara liberally.

Compliment this look with a nude lip to place emphasis on the eyes. Make sure your brows are groomed, and filled in, to increase the drama of this look!

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