How To: Shape your eyebrows to fit your face

Shape your eyebrows to fit your face

This is a video on how to shape your eyebrows. The tools used are a razor and a shining agent. The purpose of the Shining agent is to ease the pain of this process. The key to success of this process is to keep this lines that you cut straight. If you want them arched, do it straight. If you want them arched you need to make sure that when you do make the cut to not start arching immediately or they will come out looking thin. The consistency of your cut should stay the same until you get to you are even with your outside edge of the colored part of your eye.

First you apply the shinning agent to your eyebrows.
Then you begin to shave from the opposite direction of the growth of your hair.
Next you square it out, by cutting the very inside of your eyebrow straight up.
Then proceed to the other eyebrow. doing the same and keeping things symmetrical.
Lastly tough up any stray hairs above the brow, and wash of your eyebrows.

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