How To: Sanitize all your makeup tools

Sanitize all your makeup tools

Glintzy shows viewers how to sanitize all of their makeup products. To do this you will need, a spritz bottle with rubbing alcohol in it and some paper towel. You should always wipe down wherever you put your makeup on with a germ killing spray. Also, always clean the outside of your makeup to make sure this is clean because you are always touching the makeup. Also, don't forget to clean the handles of your brushes. Foundation you cannot sanitize if it does not have a pump so you have to be really careful with it. Concealer, mascara and lip gloss with a wand cannot be sanitized as well as eyeliners. Powder products do not always have to be scraped but if they develop a crush scrap with a credit card or flat surface. Never blow on your makeup! But for powder products, saturate the powder with alcohol and leave it open to dry. Do the same for blush and highlighter products. For cream products, you should get rid of the top layer with a paper towel and then saturate with alcohol and let dry. For pencils, such as lip and eye liner, clean the whole pencil with alcohol and with a clean sharpener, sharpen the pencil and spray again. For lip gloss for a slanted tip applicator you really can't sanitize these well but you can wipe them down with alcohol. Lip sticks, you should just get a container and dip it in alcohol or wipe off the top of the lip stick, spray and let dry.

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