How To: Reshape blunt, angular cheeks into rounded cheeks

Reshape blunt, angular cheeks into rounded cheeks

Thanks to the anorexic waifs who predominate the modeling industry, we have been led to believe that blunt, so-sharp-you'll-cut-your-finger-on-them cheeks are the Holy Grail of cheekbone shapes. So many of us spend money purchasing bronzers and dusty rose blushes hoping to fake those cheekbones if we don't have them.

But what if your cheekbones are naturally sharp and you want the focus on your eyes rather than your blunt cheekbones? Check out this video to learn how to reshape your sharp cheekbones into more rounded cheeks.

Reshaping the cheeks can be beneficial sometimes. Specially if the focus of your makeup design is on the cheeks. Sometimes you want blunt & striking cheeks, sometimes you want it to look rounded.

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