How To: Reduce puffiness under your eyes

Reduce puffiness under your eyes

Joanna Schlip is a professional make-up artist who focuses on how to deal with puffy eyes. Prevention is always better than cure and making sure that you get enough sleep, staying well hydrated, treating any existing allergies, avoiding known allergens are just a few ways you can avoid your eyelids from getting puffy. In today's fast paced day and age where we don't have time to call up a loved one, let alone get eight full hours of sleep a night, there is precious little one can do to avoid puffiness below the eyelids. However, once they are there, there are a few things you can do to conceal them. A simple home remedy is to use an ice pack - even if it IS made of frozen peas. Joanna cautions against making the mistake of using concealer to lighten the area under the eyes as this would only accentuate the puffiness. Instead, it would be more preferable to keep an even tone for the area for concealment. She also reveals the very novel 3 minute concept of using 10% hemorrhoid cream to fight puffy eyes but urges one to use this sure-fire remedy only for very special occasions and to test it prior to use.

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