How To: Recreate Lady Gaga's "Disco Heaven" makeup look

Recreate Lady Gaga's "Disco Heaven" makeup look

This video shows you how to get the Lady Gaga makeup look.

1. Pink colored base - use pink color make up and press on top of the base. Make it even and apply the powder everywhere.
2. Dark-soul black with a sparkle. Apply around the eye.
3. Apply foundation after everything is finished.
4. Apply white highlight color underneath the eyebrows.
5. Lightning bolt: Use tape. Rip the tape vertically and use the non-ripped side. Apply black makeup using a flat-brush. Remove the tape and re-apply to form the next piece of the lightning bolt. Then apply the black makeup again
6. Keep in mind the first lines of the lighting bulb meets her eye where it starts (from nose) and ends a little further than the eyebrow.
7. Use brush to make it blend with the pink makeup.
8. Apply pink lip-gloss.
9. Put the blonde 20 dollar wig on. Make sure to brush it.
10. You could add a ring as an extra detail.

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