How To: Recreate Heath Ledger Joker makeup

Recreate Heath Ledger Joker makeup

Here's how to copy Joker's look of the Dark Knight. 1. To create the scars, start by applying a spirit gum on each side of your face. Wait till it dries up. Then apply a scar wax using a small spatula or any type of applicator that is available. 2. To achieve that clown white face, get a pancake makeup, cream or anything (as long as it's white) and start applying it all over your face. Be careful when you reach your scars so as not to damage them. 3. Fill-in your eyes with really dark eye makeup so as to create the hollow-eyed look. You don't have to be perfect with this one. The messier the better. 4. Put on bright red lipstick. Make sure you include the scar. Again, you don't need to be perfect with this one. The sloppier you apply it, the better. 5. Do some minor touch-ups, depending on your taste so you'll get the sinister Joker look. Follow these easy steps and channel that inner Joker in you.

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