How To: Pick Makeup That Compliments Your New Hair Color

Pick Makeup That Compliments Your New Hair Color

If you change your hair color, you should probably change your makeup to compliment your new look. Take a before and after hair color picture of your face without makeup to see the overall change of tone in your face. This will help you pick out your new makeup colors.

Step 1 Warm, Medium Hair Color

Playing up your eyes is the way to go for this hair color. Keep your lips neutral here.

Example: CoverGirl's Exact Eyelights and CoverGirl Wetslicks

Step 2 Cool Hair Color

Play up cool hair shades with brighter makeup and dramatic mascara. Cool hair color tones look great with brighter shades of makeup.

Example: CoverGirl's Tropical Fusion Paletteh and CoverGirl's LastBlast Fusion

Step 3 Platinum or Highlighted Hair

Use shimmery tones in eyeshadows to enhance your complexion and bronzer.

Example: CoverGirl's Smokey Shadow Blast and CoverGirl's Cheeker's Bronzer

Step 4 Red Hair Color

Redheads should stick with an earthy or natural toned eye shadow to enhance your new hair color. Use eyeliner to finish your eye look and blush to bring our your natural glow.

Example: CoverGirl's 4 Kit Eye Enhancers, CoverGirl's Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner, and CoverGirl's Classic Color Blush

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Which hair color will be good for rough hairs????

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